Top 3 Premature Ejaculation Tips for Better Climax Control

You don’t need to feel embarrassed if you need some premature ejaculation tips. Lots of men have trouble prolonging their orgasm long enough to satisfy their woman. In fact, millions of men all over the world struggle to deal with this very embarrassing problem, yet no one ever seems to want to talk about it.

Men seem to have the notion that if they can’t control their orgasms, then they’re not manly enough. This is far from the truth, however. There are so many different reasons why a man might have trouble in this area that there’s absolutely no reason to shrink from discussing it. In fact, discussing it can help you overcome it.

If you’re in this regrettable predicament, take heart. There are ways of becoming a master of your orgasms, and anyone can achieve success with the right premature ejaculation tips. If you’re ready to revitalize your love life, here are the tips and advice you need.

3 Tips for Better Climax Control

Tip # 1: First of all, stop worrying about climaxing too soon. With some men, it’s the worrying that leads to  the orgasm. You become so concerned with pleasing your woman and so afraid you’ll fall short of that goal that you end up creating too much tension in your body. That tension has to be released, and since you’re already having sex, the quickest way for your body to release it is through orgasming. So relax, first and foremost, and you’ll have taken the first step to climax control.

 Tip # 2:  Next, take your focus away from the lovemaking. This may seem counterintuitive, but it works, You’ll still be getting enough sensation from the sex to keep an erection, but you’ll be mentally distracted enough to keep climax at bay.

Just think about anything that has nothing to do with sex. Focus your mind on something like your favorite TV show, what you want for dinner, what’s happening at work, or even your grandmother. Anything that takes your mind off of climaxing without making you lose your erection is a good thing. When you’re ready to orgasm, you can focus on your penis again.

 Tip # 3:  Finally, reduce sensation by wearing one or more condoms. The more you wear, the less you’ll feel, so orgasms will be harder to achieve. After your partner has experienced her pleasure, you can take off all the condoms (or just leave one on, if you’re using it for birth control), and proceed to climax as usual. You might also consider using climax control condoms.

These premature ejaculation tips all work and can all revitalize your sex life in ways you never even imagined.

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