Exercises to prevent premature ejaculation

Unless you have an underlying medical condition that makes it difficult for you to control when you orgasm, premature ejaculation exercises can work wonders for your sex life. Believe it or not, there are specific things you can do to train your body to keep your orgasm at bay for as long as you choose, thus giving your partner a chance to reach her own climax first. Since women tend to take longer to orgasm than men, learning how to delay it will work wonders for your sex life.

It’s hard to believe, but between 30 and 70 percent of men will experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Using premature ejaculation exercises can help you overcome this problem and ensure that you never experience it again. This should come as somewhat of a relief.

What Exercises Work to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

The best and most effective one is the PC muscle toner. In women, this is known as the Kegel exercise, and can help them become more orgasmic. In men, this same exercise can help them control orgasms. It’s kind of a reverse Kegel in men.

To get started with it, you first have to figure out which muscles you’re going to tone. The next time you need to urinate, halt the stream mid-way through. The muscles you used to do that are the ones you’re going to tone.

After halting your stream, begin pushing as hard as you can to get a really powerful flow going. This is the Kegel in reverse. Once you’ve identified the correct muscles, then practice contracting and pushing out on them whenever you can.

You can even do this while you’re watching TV. Just squeeze the muscles, hold that way for 30 seconds, then push out with them for 30 seconds. Do this 10 times in a row, several times a day, and you’ll soon get good control over those PC muscles in a way you never imagined.

This is one of the best premature ejaculation exercises you can do. Once you’ve got the PC muscles strengthened and toned, you can activate them at will to keep your orgasm at bay until you’re ready to have it, then use the pushing action to have an explosive orgasm right when you want to. Your sex life will never be the same, and your lover with think you’re a god in bed. And, after all, isn’t that what all men really want?

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